Pre-hipster Portland Was A Pro Wrestling Mecca

The Pacific Northwest Championship is symbolic of heavyweight supremacy. Right now, I've got it and I'm damn proud of it! - Dutch Savage Before Vince McMahon began his national push with the WWF, effectively killing the territory system, the Don Owen led Portland Territory was the hottest thing going on the West Coast throughout the… Continue reading Pre-hipster Portland Was A Pro Wrestling Mecca

Hulk Hogan And The Death Of The AWA

Verne Gagne built the AWA into one of the most successful pro wrestling promotions in the history of the industry. Then, he got sideways with Hulk Hogan and it all came crashing down.

The Night Skandor Akbar Made Me Rich

I was 12 years old the first and only time my dad took me to the “World Famous” Sportatorium in Dallas. I had no idea I'd finish the night as one of the biggest heels in the building.